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Symptomatic control of presbyopia through pharmacological ciliary body stimulation

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First Author: L.Vejarano COLOMBIA

Co Author(s):                        

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To evaluate the predictability, reproducibility, efficacy, reliability and Safety of this innovative NON-invasive treatment for ameliorating Presbyopia.




Prospective concept test of the results in Pseudoaccommodation and Physiologic Accommodation (subjective and objectively (with HD Analyzer, iTracey, OCT, UBM and Scheimpflug)), defocus curve, refraction, visual acuity corrected and uncorrected for far and near distance, refractive change, pupil size and dynamism (Photopic and Scotopic), endothelial cell count, Schirmer test, IOP, Keratometry, Pachymetry and ACD using the FOV Tears only one drop in each eye (not MONOVISION); also will show comparing the Scheimpflug, OCT and UBM changes and its relation with the Defocus curve.


Pilot study 20 patients received FOV Tears, measurements were taken previously, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 hours,1 week and 1 month Second study 10 patients with 3 months following and Third study more than 350 patients who are using constantly, their results with the first drop Globally all the studies improved 1 line Far vision and 2-3 for Near and 1-2 additional lines with continuous use and extraordinary for Intermediate increase 0,75 D in Accommodation Amplitude initially, increasing up to 1,50 D; mild decrease of Pupil Size but totally active, mild Myopic shift only in the first hour


This is a promising, physiologic NON-invasive and adjuvant solution for Presbyopia patients; generating enough independence of glasses for the most activities in the normal life of the patients with no risks neither secondary effects, incredible improve in intermediate vision.

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