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Smart intraocular lens: a new concept of remotely activated presbyopic correction

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First Author: D.Smadja ISRAEL

Co Author(s):    R. Krueger   A. Rudnitsky   Z. Zalevsky              

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To demonstrate the ability of an optical remotely activatable technology, that may fit to glasses and intraocular lens, to achieve multifocality and zooming capability.


Bar-Ilan University, Faculty of Engineering, Institute of Nanotechnologies and Advances Materials, Ramat Gan, Israel


We designed an optical setup simulating an externally influenced reflective lens. We used a multiple element lens with coating surfaces, on and in the lens, that have tunable reflectivity as they are made from a semiconducting nano-material whose reflectivity can be modified by an external control illumination at a wavelength that is selectively absorbed by the semiconducting coating layer.


Using this optical setup in laboratory, we were able to achieved tunable multifocality by selectively bringing into focus the reading chart at 30cm (reading distance) or at 80cm (intermediary-computer distance). Zoom capacity was successfully achieved by magnifying the reading chart placed at distance of 3m by a factor 3.


These promising preliminary results might bring a revolutionary solution to overcome presbyopia symptoms as well as age-macular degeneration visual impairments, with the help of an image magnification externally activated. A new setup to fit a pairs of glasses is currently under development.

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