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Nanodrops for correcting refractive errors

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First Author: D.Smadja ISRAEL

Co Author(s):    J. Lellouche   Y. Harel   M. Krauthammer   R. Ben Yshai   Z. Zalevsky        

Abstract Details


To investigate the ability of eye-drops filled with synthetic nanoparticles to correct various range of refractive errors


Bar-Ilan University, Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Ramat Gan, Israel


Experimental study analyzing the refractive changes of 10 pig eyes after instillation of eye-drops filled with synthetic nanoparticles through a predetermined optical pattern stamped onto the corneal epithelium. Refraction was measured with a handheld automated refractometer before the pattern stamping, after the pattern stamping and every 15mn after instillation of the eye-drops for two hours. The magnitude of the refractive change, the corneal refractive index, and the corneal shape modification have been recorded as well as an electronic microscopic examination in order to identify and analyze the distribution of the nanoparticles inside the cornea.


A mean spherical equivalent correction of 2,24 +/- 0.07D has been achieved for myopic refractive error testing, whereas a correction of 2,74+/-0.4D has been achieved for the hyperopic refractive error. No statistically significant changes (p = 0,6 and 0,5, respectively for myopic and hyperopic testing) have been observed in the corneal central keratometry. Encapsulated hypereflective nanoparticles of 0.68nm diameter on average were observed throughout the first 60 microns of the corneal thickness.


Eye-drops filled with synthetic nanoparticles have shown promising potential for a revolutionary non-invasive alternative for the correction of refractive errors.

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