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Maximum human objectively measured pilocarpine stimulated accommodative amplitude

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First Author: A.Grzybowski POLAND

Co Author(s):    R. Schachar   M. Gaca-Wysocka   I. Schachar   B. Pierscionek           

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To measure the maximum, objectively measured, accommodative amplitude, produced by pharmacologic stimulation


This was a prospective study of healthy volunteers at the Department of Ophthalmology, Poznan City Hospital, Poznan, Poland


Thirty-seven subjects were enrolled, with a mean age of 20.2±1.1 years, corrected visual acuity of 20/20, and mean spherical equivalent refraction (SER) =-0.83±1.60 diopters. For each subject, the right pupil was dilated with phenylephrine 10%. After 30 minutes, the pupil was measured, the left eye was patched, and the right eye was auto-refracted. Pilocarpine 4% was then instilled in the right eye, followed by phenylephrine. At 45 minutes after the pilocarpine, auto-refraction and pupil size were again measured.


Mean pupil size pre- and post-pilocarpine was 8.0±0.8 mm and 4.4±1.9 mm, respectively. Pre- and post-pilocarpine, the mean SER was -0.83±1.60 and -10.55±4.26 diopters, respectively. The mean pilocarpine-induced accommodative amplitude was 9.73±3.64 diopters. Five subjects had accommodative amplitudes $14.00 diopters. Accommodative amplitude was not significantly related to baseline SER (p-value =0.24), pre- or post-pilocarpine pupil size (p-values =0.13 and 0.74), or change in pupil size (p-value =0.37). Iris color did not statistically significantly affect accommodative amplitude (p-value =0.83)


: Following topically applied pilocarpine, the induced objectively measured accommodation in the young eye is greater than or equal to the reported subjectively measured voluntary maximum accommodative amplitude.

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