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Repeated rotation of Visian phakic intraocular lens

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First Author: J.Mikšovská CZECH REPUBLIC

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: To address the rotation of the intraocular lens in a patient with high myopia and astigmatism in both eyes


DuoVize eye clinic Prague


Case report: women, 26 year, with myopia and astigmatismus underwent an eneventful implantation ICL Visian model V4c size 13,2 mm. 1 week after surgery right eye UCVA 1,0, 2 weeks after surgery left eye UCVA 1,2 but patient complained about glare. ICL on both eyes were rotated beyond required ICL implantation axis. Vault of both eye 1/4 corneal thickness. Original lens were replaced by ICL size 13,7 mm. Two years after operation patient report decrese in visual acuity for 6 month, when she started doing martial art. ICL repositioning was performed on original cylinder axis.


After the last repositioning, the ICL of both eyes remain in the required implantation axis. The patient was advised not to take part in combat sports. 1 month after repositioning ICL UCVA RE was 1.0 LE was 1.2, vault 0.25 corneal thickness.


Spontaneous rotation of these lenses is described as possible complications after the implantation of fakic toric ICLs. In the above-mentioned patients, fighting sports led to ICL rotation. Patients should be advised before the surgery about possible post-operative complication caused by certain sports activities.

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