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Changes in endothelial cell count three years after implantation of toric implantable collamer lens

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First Author: M.Bohac CROATIA

Co Author(s):    M. Koncarevic   N. Gabric   S. Patel              

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To determine the temporal effect of Toric Implantable Collamer Lens (TICL) implantation on the corneal endothelial cell density (ECD) over a period of 36 months following surgery.


Specialty Eye Hospital Svjetlost Zagreb; School of Medicine University of Rijeka, Croatia


Endothelial cell density (ECD, number of cells per mm2) (Specular Microscope SP-1P, Topcon Corp, Tokyo, Japan) data were harvested from 196 cases deemed suitable for TICL (VTICMO, VTICM5, Staar Surgical, Nidau, Switzeland). The pre-op refractive error (sphere and cylinder) ranged from -1.00DS to -22.25DS & -0.50DC to -5.50DC. ECD was evaluated at preop and all postop sessions.


Reporting the key findings. Mean ECD(±sd) was 2673.0(275.5) at preop and 2328.5(346.3) at 36 months postop(p<0.001).For the data collected at the following sessions: preop, 1,3,6,12,24&36 months postop, linear regression revealed a significant correlation between A) Log mean ECD(y) and time postop(T). The equation of the least squares regression linking y with T was of the form = -0.0031T + 7.8515(r=0.8832,p<0.001). B) The change in ECD(ΔX) and ECD at preop(X) at 24 and 36 months respectively. Indices for the least squares regression lines were, at 24 months,ΔX = 23.181e0.0008x(r=0.3376,p<0.001,n=100), at 36 months ΔX = 69.641e0.0005x (r= 0.3134,p=0.038,n=44)


Endothelial cell density reduces after TICL implantation. The fall continues in an exponential manner over three years following surgery. For individual cases, the expected change in ECD at 24 and 36 months can be predicted. The higher the preop ECD the greater the expected change at two and three years postop.

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