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Corneal endothelial safety and intraocular pressure after IPCL implanted without viscoelastic substance

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First Author: G.Bianchi ARGENTINA

Co Author(s):                        

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To evaluate corneal safety and intraocular pressure (IOP) after Implantable Phakic Contact Lens (IPCL) surgeries performed without viscoelastic substance.


Procedures were performed in a private practice (Clínica de Ojos Dr. Nano) in Olivos, Buenos Aires, Argentine.


A prospective non randomized cohort study was performed to evaluate corneal endothelial cell density (CD) and central corneal thickness (CCT) one month after IPCL (different models: Star V1.0, V1.0-toric, V2.0 and V2.0-toric) were implanted in 79 eyes (40 patients). IOP was also measured before, one and thirty days after surgery. Intra/postoperative complications were evaluated. Previous laser iridotomy were performed only for patients with IPCL StarV1.0 (one week before the surgery). The surgical technique was performed without viscoelastic: briefly, anterior chamber was maintained with infusion/irrigation cannula (BSS fluid circulation) and IPCL was injected through 2.4mm corneal incision.


Mean CD preoperative was 2626.96 cell/mm² (SD: 257.97; range 1870-3115) and postoperative was 2539.62 (SD:226.85; range 1850-3002). There was a decrease in CD of 3.32% and nested paired t test= 0.040 (p0,05). Mean CCT preoperative was 499.84 (SD: 32.35; range 400-572) and postoperative was 499.56 SD: 33.43: range 397-561). Postoperative CCT decrease 0.05% one month after surgery. Mean IOP preoperative was 13.59 mmHg (SD1.4; range 11-16), one day after: 13.84 mmHg (SD: 1.23; range 12-16) and thirty days after surgery was: 13.50 (SD1.29: range 12-16). Mean IOP increase 0.25% one day and decrease 0.08% one month after surgeries.


Endothelial cell density show no statistically significance difference when IPCL was implanted without viscoelastic and IOP remain stable one day and one month more after surgery.

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