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Industrial eye industries

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First Author: A.Mehra INDIA

Co Author(s):    J. Bala   J. Vhatia                 

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This is an ongoing study Phase 1(where in the patients of ocular injuries during industrial work have reported to the hospital) PHASE 2:- Is ongoing. Background:- Eye injuries have been known since ancient times.Although nature has provided a protective bony wall and lids to cover the eye to protect it from injury.Occupational eye injuries are more common in younger men and comprise 70% of all ocular injuries. AIM OF THE STUDY:-To determine various aetiological factors which are responsible for ocular injuries in various industrial environment to assess the types of injuries and their outcomes in various occupation




Patients with ocular trauma,who presented at Chhattisgarh Charitable eye hospital from May 2016-2017,a detailed demographic data,nature of work,cause of injury,time interval between injury,treatment received after injury. ocular evaluation including Visual Acuity,Anterior and Posterior segment evaluation,IOP Gonioscopy in closed globe injuries,X-rays and Ct scan for Intraocular Foreign body,B scan were done. At follow up Best Corrected Visual Acuity was noted.


A total of 310 cases of ocular trauma were reported predominantly in 20-40years of age group. MALES:-86.12% which comprised of Trauma varying from Foriegn Body to Open and closed globe injuries. Females:-13.87% which comprised of Trauma varying from foriegn body to Open and closed globe injuries. Visual Prognosis was poorer in injuries owing to open globe.Which was 4.19%.


Conclusion:-An attempt was made to find out the various etiological factors for ocular injuries,providing effective eye protection,and developing workplace safety cultures may together reduce occupational eye injuries.

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