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Retrolenticular foreign body (an eyelash) after a scleral rupture

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First Author: A.Sarzhevsky UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    N. Zavgorodnyaya   L. Sarzhevska   E. Ivakhnenko   L. Dovgan           

Abstract Details


To introduce the clinical case of presence of eyelash in the eye after a scleral rupture


State Medical University, Department of Ophthalmology, Zaporozhye, Ukraine


Among all intraocular foreign bodies the presence of eyelash is determined in 0,4% of cases. We evaluated the patient with retrolenticular foreign body (an eyelash) after a scleral rupture caused by the blunt trauma by a wrench blow.


А 35 years old male patient presented with scleral rupture caused by the impact of blunt trauma by a wrench blow. Biomicroscopy of the right eye revealed subconjunctival haemorrhage, penetrating scleral wound, hyphaema. By biomicroscopy, ultrasound, X-rays examination intraocular foreign body wasn't diagnosed. Scleral wound was sutured. 7 days after primary repair of wound ocular examination with slit-lamp showed a foreign body behind the lens, an eyelash. Сombined surgery with intraocular foreign body (the eyelash) removal, phacoemulsification and IOL implantation were performed. The patient was discharged with corrected visual acuity 0,9 without any signs of inflammation.


Аn eyelash as intraocular foreign body is relatively inert and usually does not incite inflammation or infection. However epithelial iris cyst formation, intralenticular abscess, corneal oedema, uveitis and endophthalmitis can be connected with intraocular eyelash. Therefore intraocular foreign body, even eyelash must be removed to obviate the risk of complication.

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