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Implantation of the Artisan pupil occluder: a case series

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First Author: N.Demirkaya THE NETHERLANDS

Co Author(s):    K. Vasanthananthan   I. van der Meulen   R. Lapid-Gortzak              

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To report the use of the Artisan pupil occluder (Ophtec; the The Netherlands) in five patients with intractable disturbance of binocular vision, from different etiologies, requiring occlusion of the affected eye . An opaque IOL is an option, after occlusion with a patch or a black contact lens has failed.


Department of Ophthalmology, Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, the The Netherlands


A single-center retrospective case series of five (4 female, 1 male) patients with neuro-ophthalmic symptoms requesting opaque intra-ocular lens insertion after alternative methods failed to control symptoms. All patients underwent implantation of the custom made black Artisan iris claw lens (Ophtec; the The Netherlands) at the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam in a period of 14 months (Jan 2017- Feb 2018). Data were obtained from the electronic patient records (Epic). Mean postoperative follow-up time was 10.8 weeks (range 2- 20 weeks).


Following implantation of the Artisan pupil occluding IOL, two patients (40%) still perceived light without relief of their symptoms and eventually opted for an evisceration/enucleation. The other three patients (60%) were very satisfied with the post-operative outcome and were referred back to a secondary care eye center. No surgical or other post-operative complications occurred, other than failure to relief symptoms in 2 of the 5 patients.


The Artisan pupil occluding IOL is a valuable option in the stepwise management of patients with intractable diplopia and other debilitating neuro-ophthalmic symptoms. The underlying causes are diverse and symptom relief is variable, which may ultimately lead to eye removal in some patients.

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