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Visual field index (VFI) and diabetic retinopathy: a novel approach to study the loss of retinal sensitivity in diabetic retinopathy

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First Author: R.Verma INDIA

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Most of the studies which have been done till now on diabetic retinopathy have been related to the physical characteristics of the retinal pathology. These changes do not comment on the functional status of the lesion, hence we want to conduct a study that determines whether Visual Field Index ( VFI ) can be a predictor for the severity of Diabetic Retinopathy, particularly in the central retina.


MGM MEDICAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL, Aurangabad , Maharashtra, India


This study was done in Dept of Ophthalmology in tertiary care hospital. 100 known diabetic patients were included in this study. 200 eyes of 100 patients were classified into stages of diabetic retinopathy according to ETDRS classification from No DR to Proliferative diabetic retinopathy. Corresponding VFI of each eye was assessed by using Humphrey Automated Perimeter(30-2).Graphs were plotted for average VFI for each stage of diabetic retinopathy.


VFI decreases as severity of Diabetic retinopathy increases with even the patients of no DR stage showing decrease in VFI compared to VFI of non-diabetic patient by 1.75%.which is statistically significant. (p <0.0001)


Diabetic retinopathy in itself reduces VFI which decreases as severity of disease increases. VFI testing may act as a predictor of retinal involvement in diabetes.

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