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Influence of various lubricant eye drops on the epithelium cells of the cornea in vitro

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First Author: I.Okolov RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    I. Panova   O. Aleksandrova   J. Khorolskaya   M. Blinova           

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To compare in vitro the overall cytotoxic effects of twenty lubricant eyes drops


1 S. Fyodorov IR&TC “Eye Microsurgery”, St.-Petersburg, Russia 2 Institute of Cytology of the Russian Academy of Science, Saint-Petersburg


The object of the study was twenty drugs: Hyabak®, Thealoz ®, Thealoz Duo®, Hylo Comod® , Hylo® Fresh, Hylo® Gel, Hylo Parin® , Hylozar Comod® , EvoTears™, Artelac® Balance, Blink Contacts®, Optive®, Vismed® Light, Systane® Ultra, Cationorm®, Ophtolique®, Lacrisifi, Slezin, Hypromellose-P, Styllavit. As test-system permanent cell lines of corneal (HCEC) were used. The cytotoxicity of lubricant eye drops drops were assessed by the morphology and functional cells activity by the methods of phase contrast microscopy (PCM), MTT test and cell analysis in real time using the xCELLigence system.


The most toxic to the epithelial cells of the cornea of all tear-preservatives containing preservatives were Lacrisifi, Slezin, Ophtolique® and Hypromelose-P. Close to them in toxicity were Cationorm®, Artelac® Balance , Optive®. Eye drops Styllavit, Systane® Ultra and Blink Contacts® showed moderate toxicity. Vismed® Light agents with preservatives did not exert a cytotoxic effect on the cells in vitro, as well as the non-conserved mess-substitutions of Hyabak®, Thealoz ®, Thealoz Duo® and EvoTears™. The cytotoxic effect on corneal epithelial cells was found in the Hylozar Comod® and Hylo® Fresh preparations, despite the absence of a preservative in them.


The study showed a possibility of using cultured cells for comparative evaluation of the cytotoxic effects of various ophthalmic preparations. We found that antimicrobial medicines that had been tested in vitro differ in their cytotoxic potential.

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