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Temporary epithelial substitute: answer for pain relief in post-surface laser ablations and corneal epithelial defect patients

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First Author: I.Aslanides GREECE

Co Author(s):    A. Zafar   V. Selimis                 

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Introduction of a TES {Temporary epithelium substitute} as a temporary substitute for the corneal epithelium to eliminate post-operative pain following surface laser ablation treatments such as trans–PRK, PRK, Cten, ASLA etc, to improve quality of vision, immediately post-op and to control the healing process. It can also be used in traumatic or other forms of corneal epithelial abrasions.


Emmetropia Mediterranean eye Institute, Greece


TES™ validation process has been based on the following experiments: 1)Ex-vivo application on pig cornea debrided mechanically with an ophthalmic knife, 2)In-vivo application on rabbit cornea debrided mechanically with an ophthalmic knife, 3) In-vivo application on rabbit cornea debrided with trans-epithelial laser treatment, in-situ TES™ modification, after crosslinking, from a liquid state to hydrogel. We evaluated the stromal cellular morphology, evaluated quality and timing of the corneal re-epithelization process after TES™ application. We also look for the eventual residual presence of TES™ onto the cornea after completion of the corneal epithelium healing.


Temporary Epithelium Substitute(TES), is an innovative device used for the purpose of reducing pain during corneal re-epithelization time. TES is a two-component device consisting of two different solutions: TES_BAR, a cross-linkable solution for hydrogel-forming and TES_RESOL, an enzymatic solution for hydrogel dissolution. Histological examination revealed complete healing of epithelial defect, lining epithelium appears to be in its physiological configuration, the cells are well organized among themselves. TES™ has been completely removed from the site of deposition.


TES™ is a safe non-toxic way to temporarily replace corneal epithelium to reduce discomfort and pain related to epithelial defects.

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