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Primary antiphospholipid syndrome: the cause of retinal vein occlusion and choroidal neovascular membrane formation in young healthy individuals

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First Author: S.Al-Khalifa BAHRAIN

Co Author(s):    S. Ayachit   A. Almoosa   R. Rumyassa   A. Aziz           

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Antiphospholipid syndrome [APS] is an autoimmune disorder of hemostatic system which is being increasingly recognized as the cause of arterial and venous occlusions in young asymptomatic individuals. Retinal vein occlusion and formation of choroidal neo-vascular membrane are two vision threatening presentations of APS in otherwise healthy young individuals.The purpose of this short case series is to find out the incidence of APS as cause of these vision threatening diseases.


The Eye Infirmary, Bahrain, Royal Bahrain Hospital , Bahrain, King Hmad University Hospital , Bahrain


All patients in the age group 35 to 50 years, presenting with retinal vein occlusion or choroidal neovascular membrane with no risk factors as diabetes, hypertension or dyslipidemia were included in the study.Complete ocular examination and Optical coherence tomography was performed for all patients.All patients underwent laboratory investigations for detection of one of the following- .APTT ,Lupus anticoagulant[LA] in plasma ,Anticardiolipinantibody [aCL]od IgG and IgM isotype in serum or plasma-medium or high titer of > 40 GPLor MPL ,Anti-b2glycoprotein- 1 antibody [abeta2GP-1]of IgG and/or IgM isotyoe in serum or plasma [>99th percentile ]


Total number of 7 cases were enrolled in the study. two patients had central retinalvein occlusion, two with branch vein occlusion and three with choroidal neovascular membrane.4 of the 7 patients recorded high APTT values and positive Anti cardiolipin Antibodies.


Anti Phospholipid Syndrome should be considered as an etiological factor in all cases of retinal vein occlusion and choroidal neovascular membrane in young healthy individuals. Timely investigations in these cases can prevent major a catastrophic thrombotic event which may involve any organ and rarely multi-organ failure

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