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Galilei G4 scheimpflug analysis of corneal anatomical and optical parameters after refractive corneal surgery

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First Author: N.Khodzabekyan RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    A. Khandzhyan                    

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To study corneal anatomical and optical parameters (corneal thickness, anterior and posterior corneal curvature, flap thickness, ablation depth) after refractive corneal surgery using Galilei G4 Scheimpflug analysis.


Moscow Helmholtz Research Institute of Eye Diseases, 14/19, Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya St., Moscow, 105062, Russia


52 patients undergone myopic refractive surgery: the LASIK group consisted on 25 patients with mean myopia -4,72±0,3 D (the flap thickness 130 µm created by mechanical keratome MK-2000 (Nidek), the FemtoLASIK group included 27 patients with mean myopia -5,7±0,44 D (the flap thickness 100 µm created by Femto LDV, Ziemer). Measurements of the corneal thickness, changes of the anterior and posterior corneal surface in response to various methods of corneal refractive surgery were performed using the Galilei dual Scheimpflug analyzer system Galilei G4 (Ziemer).


The corneal thickness and posterior corneal curvature of patients with emmetropia and myopia were the same. A decrease of the corneal thickness and anterior corneal curvature occurs after myopic LASIK and FemtoLASIK. No statistically significant change of the posterior corneal curvature after LASIK and FemtoLASIK was observed at any time point.


The method of flap creation and the ablation depth in case of residual stromal bed thickness 300 µm and more (calculated by Santiago PTA Report) do not change the posterior corneal curvature. On controversy, gross changes of the cornea biomechanical features with a ‘’subsidence’’ of the whole cornea with anterior and posterior surface flattening after anterior radial keratotomy were noted.

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