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Our experiences using the Nidek Navex Quest excimer laser final fit management program gained with the OPD Scan III for customised refractive treatments of astigmatic patients

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First Author: Z.Hassan HUNGARY

Co Author(s):    J. Hassan   L. Modis   G. Nemeth              

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To present our results and experiences using the Nidek Final Fit management program gained with the OPD Scan III for customized LASIK and PRK treatments of astigmatic patients.


¹Orbi-Dent Health and Laser Center, Debrecen, Hungary ²Kenézy Gyula Hospital, Department of Ophthalmology, Debrecen, Hungary ³Department of Ophthalmology, University of Debrecen, Debrecen, Hungary 4B-A-Z-County Hospital and University Teaching Hospital, Miskolc, Hungary


Refractive surgeries were performed on 111 eyes of 59 astigmatic patients (51 LASIK eyes, 60 PRK eyes) using the Nidek Navex Quest excimer laser (Final Fit program) and OPD Scan III control management program. The mean age was 33.58 years (SD: 10.4 years; range: 18.31-62.73 years), and the mean preoperative refractive astigmatism was 1.65 D (SD: 1.02 D; range: 0.75-5.0 D). The minimum follow-up time was 6 months. All patients were assessed and analysed by the OPD Scan III device (keratometry, refractometry, optical quality parameters), as well as the change in visual acuity, before and after the treatments.


The mean uncorrected visual acuity was 0.11 (SD: 0.18), meanwhile the postoperative was 0.91 (SD: 0.31), in a decimal scale. The OPD Scan III parameters had shown significant changes after the treatments regarding the keratometry and refractometry values. The values of Strehl-ratio were significantly improved after both LASIK and PRK. The values of the modulation transfer function were significantly improved after LASIK surgeries, however these did not improve after PRK.


The Nidek Navex Quest Final Fit excimer laser treatment gained with the OPD Scan III program is a suitable surgical option for planning, monitoring and treating irregularities by a customized way. The visual acuity, the modulation transfer function data and the Strehl-ratio improved significantly after LASIK cases. In the case of astigmatism, the precise positioning of the head, "Torsion Error Correction" and the eye tracking turned on are particularly important.

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