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Outcomes of laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis for hyperopia centered on corneal vertex or pupil

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First Author: G.Garrido Ceca SPAIN

Co Author(s):    J. Gonzalez Guijarro                    

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To compare the refractive outcomes and the induction of corneal higher order aberrations after hyperopic laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) using optimised profile and pupil centered (PC) or corneal vertex centered (VC) ablation.


Vissum Corporacion Oftalmologica, Madrid, Spain. Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain.


We included a total of 31 consecutive patients (median age 49 years). 55 eyes divided into 2 groups: 29 PC (mean spherical equivalent (SE) +2,38 diopters (D) (1,25 - 3,44)) and 26 VC (mean SE +2,19D(1,19 - 4,31)). Esiris laser (SCWIND Eye-Tech-Solutions, Kleinostheim, Germany) and a 60 KHz femtosecond laser (Intralase FS, Intralase Corp. Irvine, CA USA) for flap creation with temporal hinge were used. Predictability, efficacy, safety and corneal wavefront aberrations (6.0 mm pupil) were retrospectively compared at six months postoperatively in both groups.


Efficacy (0,96/0,8) and safety (1/1) were not statistically different between PC or VC eyes respectively. Predictability (+/-1D postoperative) was 82,75% /96,14% respectively. There was a statistically significant induction of total HOA: preoperative RMS 0,22(0,19–0,29)/0,22(0,17–0,29) and postoperative 0,39(0,34–0,51)/0,46(0,362–0,65), respectively (p<0,05). The spherical aberration become negative, preoperative RMS 0,18(0,13–0,24)/0,15(0,09–0,23) and -0,17(-0,38 -0,02)/-0,18(-0,34 +0,075) postoperatively, respectively (p<0,05). A significant induction (p<0,05) of coma occured only for VC (preoperative RMS 0,33(0,25–0,42) and 0,41(0,27–0,82) postoperatively but not for PC (p=0,628), preoperative RMS 0.37 (0.3-0.4) and postoperative 0.35(0.25-0.44). No differences between both groups were observed.


Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis for hyperopia using either corneal vertex or pupil centration was safe and effective and results in similar significant induction of HOA and spherical aberration. Pupil centered induced lesser change in coma aberrration.

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