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Results of refractive surgery after many years of orthokeratology (Ortho-K) treatment: myopia control followed by LASIK – is the game worth the candle?

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First Author: A.Kovalov UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    O. Averyanova                    

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To evaluate the efficacy and safety of the refractive surgery (Laser Vision Correction (LVC) and phakic-IOL (pIOL) implantation) of the patients, who had been previously using Ortho-K treatment to correct Myopia for long period (several years).


AILAS Medical Center, Kyiv, Ukraine


Retrospective analysis of surgical correction (LVC and pIOL implantation) of 406 patients (812 eyes), who previously used Ortho-K correction by Paragon CRT Lenses. Mean age of the beginning of Ortho-K was 14.4 years; of surgical correction of vision was 20.6 years. The average of Ortho-K using was 5.3 years. 379 patients (758 eyes) did Laser Correction, 27 patients (54 eyes) were implanted pIOL (ICL, STAAR, Switzerland). Mean Myopia at the time of the beginning of Ortho-K treatment was (–)3.26 ±1.62 (from -1.25 to -6.0)D. BUVA before Ortho-K was 0.14 ±0.12 (0.04 -0.45). Average central Pachymetry 531 ±35µµ.


At the time of Ortho-K treatment average BUVA was 0.93 ±0.16. After Ortho-K was stopped, corneas “restore” initial shape (topography “Difference Map”) in maximum 30 days. In 5 year time (Ortho-K treatment) in 288 cases (576 eyes) (71%) there was no progression of myopia (refraction and axial length). Out of 379 LVC patients 88 (23.2%) had PRK, and 291 (76.6%) had LASIK. Achieved BUVA: 1.0 - 93.3%; 0.9 - 5.4%; 0.8 – 1.3%; Target Refraction: ±0.25 - 73.1%; ±0.5 - 89.3%; ±1.0 - 100%. Complications: ASA – late epithelization – 6%; LASIK – 9% epitheliopathy.


Ortho-K treatment may stabilize Myopia in teenagers. With this Laser correction is possible with LESS Depth of Ablation and more safe and stable results. 1 month after withdrawal from CRT cornea restores its initial configuration. Laser Correction is possible not less than 1 month after Ortho-K treatment is stopped. Laser Correction after many years of CRT is safe. Safety Index is 1.2. Efficacy of LVC after CRT is comparable with the results of the patients used glasses or ordinary CL for correction. Efficacy Index is 0.95

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