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Evaluation of anterior segment parameters and ocular axial length using optical biometry in cataract surgery patients in Macedonia

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First Author: V.Reci MACEDONIA

Co Author(s):    H. Duma                    

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The objective of our study was to describe the anterior segment parameters and axial length measured by optical biometry and their associations in cataract patients before phacoemulsification from Macedonia.




In our study we included 116 cataract patients. Anterior chamber depth (ACD), lens thickness (LT) and ocular axial length (AL) of each cataract-affected eye were measured with optical biometry device. The mean keratometry value were measured in 2 meridians by autorefractometer: flat keratometry (K1) and steep keratometry (K2).


The mean age was 63 years. The mean AL was 23.67± 0.82 mm. Mean ACD was 3.61 ± 0.59 mm. Mean LT was 3.49 ± 0.39 mm (2.80-5.18 mm). The mean keratometry value was 43.67 ± 1.71 D (40.45- 46.38 D). The mean ACD showed increasing trends as the AL increased (P < 0.001). In our study we noticed that older subjects had shorter AL, shallower ACD, but thicker lens and more severe cataract. We noticed that the keratometry values were not associated with age.


In our study, there was a positive correlation between AL and ACD, and a negative correlation between AL and K. The exact measurement of ocular axial length, keratometry values, the depth of the anterior chamber before cataract surgery is essential in the calculation of intraocular lens power as well to improve postoperative visual quality for cataract patients.

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