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Tilt and decentration values of the natural crystalline lens and the IOL before and after surgery, using second generation AS-OCT (Casia 2): 60 eyes operated by FLACS with the same one piece IOL hydrophobic platform (J&J)

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First Author: A.Cantagalli ITALY

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To determinate and correlate the tilt and decentration's values obtained with anterior segment coherent tomography of natural lens and intraocular lens in 60 eyes operated with FLACS using the same hydrophobic one piece IOL platform (J&J). The reference line considered is the corneal topographic axis (Casia 2 Tomey )


GSD Villa Erbosa Hospital Bologna ITALY


About 60 eyes affected by cataract have been analyzed before and after surgery with second generation OCT device (Casia 2 Tomey). The same IOL platform has been considered for the study; one piece hydrophobic IOL ,mono and multifocal version ( ZCB00,ZCT,ZXT and ZXR) from J&J . The reference line considered for the preoperative(natural lens position) and postoperative (IOL position) analysis is the corneal topographic axis by Casia 2


The orientation and degree of tilting before and after surgery are strictly related. There are interesting analogies between the natural lens and IOL position in terms of centration.


2 generation AS-OCT analysis is very elegant and quick method to define the position of the natural crystalline lens before surgery and its relationships with the intraocular lens position in the follow up analysis. The author believes that these kind of informations (OCT based) represent an important forward step to better customize the right IOL's selection for "normal" and "premium" patients as well.

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