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Quantitative analysis of vitality of retinal ganglion cells in experimental low-pressure glaucoma in rats: the effect of polarised light therapy

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First Author: I.Shargorodska UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    S. Rykov   L. Denisyuk   N. Nikolaichuk              

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To analyze the vitality of retinal ganglion cells, which are affected by glaucoma, after their specific identification and to determine the effect of BIOPTRON-PILER-light on ganglionic cells of the retina


Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kyiv Ophthalmology Clinic Eye Microsurgery Center, Kyiv, Ukraine


In this study, retinal ganglion cells were identified by the injection of the fluorescent dye Fluorogold into the structures where the axons of these cells terminate, namely, the superior colliculi of the midbrain. New experimental model low-pressure glaucoma in rats was induced by damage to the optic nerves. The monitoring of the retina was performed in vivo using a spectral optical coherent tomography one month after ischemia. The histological cuts were evaluated with the quantitative counting of cells in the layer of glial cells of the retina. BIOPTRON-PILER-light was obtained to the use of the BIOPTRON (Zepter Group, Swiss).


The data shown that in rats with experimental glaucoma the amount of ganglion cells in the retina is significantly reduced in comparison with control animals. The analysis of the effect of BIOPTRON-PILER-light on ganglionic cells of the retina in the model of experimental glaucoma in rats had significant differences from the control.


Obtained evidence of the positive effect of BIOPTRON-PILER-light on retinal ganglion cells in an experimental model of Low-Pressure Glaucoma. Possibility of applying polychromatic polarized light to treat patients with Low-Pressure Glaucoma requires further study.

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