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Anterior chamber volume and camerular angle width variation after phaco and IOL in glaucomatous eye

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First Author: J.Plepyte Rapposelli ITALY

Co Author(s):    N. Canali   L. Tonti   S. Moreni   V. Miglio           

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To evaluate changes in camerular angle width and anterior chamber volume after phaco + iol surgery in glaucomatous eye, primary end point was evaluation of significant difference in angle widening between two different one piece foldable monofocal lens implanted into capsular bag.


Fondazione poliambulanza istituto ospedaliero Brescia Italy


40 glaucomatous patients (POAG and CAG) underwent cataract extraction with faco + IOL (stop & chop) technique, where IOLwas placed into the capsular bag. Four point fixation single piece hydrophilic acrylic IOL (Akreos Adapt) was implanted in 20 eyes.Single piece hydrophobic acrylic IOL (Acrysof Natural SA60AT) was implanted in 20 eyes. Pre-operative and postoperative (15 days after surgery) data was examined and analysed as follows: Pentacam calculation of anterior chamber depth, anterior chamber volume and width of camerular angle. Data anlysis.


In both types of glaucomatous eyes(POAG o CAG) we've experienced a significant widening of camerular angle and anterior chamber depth as well as anterior chamber volume enlargement. Primary end point demonstrated difference between anterior chamber depth prior ant post surgery as it's widening , in eyes where 4 haptic point fixations IOL (Akreos Adapt ) was inplanted.The difference was not statistically significant. Medium angular width change was 15° in Akreos Adapt eys and 13 ° in Akrysof Alcon SA 60 AT. Medium anterior chamber volume was significantly different in the group with Akreos Adapt IOL's.


Change in camerular angle width 15°( in Akreos Adapt eyes) and 13 °( in Akrysof Alcon SA 60 AT eyes). Primary end point conclusion is widening of camerular angle and anterior chamber volume.With the latter one significantly different. This data demonstrates that a foldable 4-haptic one piece IOL (Akreos Adapt) geometry can positively influence the stability of IOL in the capsular bag post-operatively.

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