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10 year follow-up of patient with glaucoma: case report

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First Author: U.Pastukh UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    K. Mungieva   I. Pastukh   N. Goncharova              

Abstract Details


How to combine glaucoma (Gl) treatments for successful outcome.


Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukraine


Year 2007. 67-year-old man came with history of primary open-angle Gl (POAG) – advanced in right eye (RE), early in left eye (LE) and immature cataract in both eyes (BE). His intraocular pressure (IOP) was not compensated with medications in RE and compensated with medications in LE. Combined operation Phacoemulsification (PhEm) with deep sclerectomy was performed in RE. Neuroprotective treatment (NpT) was performed every following year. IOP in BE had been normal during 2 years.


Year 2009. RE: IOP controlled. LE: PhEm combined with ExPress device (p 50) was performed with stabilization of high visual functions. Year 2010. RE: IOP uncontrolled,ExPress (p 200) was implanted. IOP in LE - normal. Year 2012. IOP in LE became raised with medications. There was not filtration through ExPress. Second ExPress (p 200) was implanted and IOP was controlled up to 2018. Year 2017. IOP in RE - 50 mm after blunt trauma with hyphema. Trabeculectomy was performed. IOP in RE - normal up to 2018. Year 2018. RE - advanced Gl. LE - moderate Gl, BE - pseudophakia. IOP in BE normal.


Gl can be operated multiple times for successful IOP stabilization. In our opinion, NpT should be an integral part of complex treatment of POAG.

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