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Preliminary results of microinvasive non-penetrating deep sclerotomy with injectable cross-linked hyaluronic acid implant and its combination with Mitomycin С

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First Author: Z.Kataeva RUSSIA

Co Author(s):                        

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To analyze the results of microinvasive non penetrating deep sclerotomy (NPDS) with injectable cross-linked hyaluronic acid implant Healaflow and combination of Healaflow with Mytomycin С in one-year post-op period, to explore filtering zone in both groups.


IRTC Eye Microsurgery Ekaterinburg Center, Ekaterinburg, Russia


The first group included 16 eyes with OAG without previous operations with IOP on medication 28±6,3 mm Hg. 0,1 ml of Healaflow was injected under the conjunctiva in the zone of operation. In the second group there were 16 eyes with OAG with IOP on medication 31±5,8 mm Hg. 8 eyes were previously operated for glaucoma, 4 of them twice. 0,1 ml of Mytomycin С was injected under Healaflow in the zone of operation. Far-advanced stage of glaucoma was present in 50 % of cases, mean age - 65 years in both groups.


At the end of follow-up period (10-14 months) IOP in the first group was 15,31±3,9 mm Hg (8 eyes after laser goniopuncture, 1- after trabeculotomy ab interno, 1- revision). On ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) in 7 eyes (43%) intrascleral cavity was absent. In the second group IOP was 13,71±4,5 mm Hg (12 eyes after laser goniopuncture). On UBM in 5 eyes (31%) intrascleral cavity was absent. In 2 eyes of each group laser goniopuncture was performed despite of cavity absence with IOP compensation; in 1 case cavity appeared. Hypotensive efficacy was 93,75% in first group, 100% in second.


Application of Healaflow and its combination with Mytomycin С provided good hypotensive results in one-year post-op even in previously operated eyes. UBM allows to discover the features of surgically formed pathways – absence of intrascleral cavity more than in 30% of cases. Higher hypotensive effect was provided by Healaflow combination with Mytomycin C.

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