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A prospective analysis of Pentacam parameters pre and post YAG PI in PACS eyes

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First Author: A.Ganguly INDIA

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This was a prospective analysis to find out the pentacam parameter changes in pre and post PI in cases of PACS.


A tertiary level referral institute in Eastern India.


Routine patients presenting at the OPD were screened by the glaucoma specialist with GAT and the 4 mirror gonioscope under standard conditions . Those with PACS (defined as nonvisibility of the filtering trabecular meshwork for 180° or more in the absence of PAS with normal intraocular pressure) were advised YAG PI. Those patients who agreed to undergo treatment were first subjected to PENTACAM scan. Post YAG PI 7 days follow up they were checked for RR. IOP. PATENCY of YAG PI and then subjected to a post PI pentacam scan. The data from 67 such consequetive patients were then analysed.


134 eyes of 67 patients were analysed. Pre and post PI IOP analysed by the paired t test showed two-tailed P-0.0107to be statistically significant. ACdepth(mm) compared in pre and post PI in RE was statistically significant the two-tailed P value 0.0409, however in LE it was not statistically significant. Pre and post PI AC Volume in mm3 RE and LE were extremely statistically significant with the The two-tailed P value less than 0.0001. The internal depth pre and post PI in both the RE( two-tailed P value 0.8993) and LE( two-tailed P value equals 0.4433) were not statistically significant.


Amongst all the parameters of the pentacam analysed between the pre PI and post PI eyes with primary angle closure suspects only the change in anterior chamber volume in mm3 was extremely significant statistically. This can serve as the best parameter to quantitatively analyse the efficacy of the procedure by pentacam in treated patient groups and also be helpful for post procedure audit of laser procedures done in glaucoma departments.

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