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XEN45: a real-world multicenter one year analysis

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First Author: A.Fea ITALY

Co Author(s):    A. Bron   M. Economou   G. Laffi   E. Martini   F. Oddone        

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To evaluate the results of patients who underwent either a solo or a combo XEN procedure in six European centers (Bologna, Dijon, Rome, Sassuolo, Stockholm. Torino)


Patients with uncontrolled POAG underwent the implant of XEN. Patients with cataract underwent a combo procedure (XEN and phaco). Local ethics committee approval was obtained at all sites and informed consent was obtained prior to study participation.


This was a retrospective multicenter. 285 eyes on ≥2 hypotensive medications were included. 178 patients are considered because they had at least a 9 months follow-up. 121 underwent a solo procedure and 57 a combo procedure.


Mean pre-operative IOP and number of medications was 24,1±7.5 and 3±1.1. This was reduced to 15.5±3.8 and 0.7±1 at 12 months. There were no significant differences in final IOP between solo (15,29) or combo (15,9). In the solo group the pseudophakic patients had a significantly higher delta IOP (12.1±10.2vs7.11±5.3). One day or one week post-op IOP were not predictive of the final IOP but the number of needling correlated with a lower final IOP. 10 patients needed subsequent surgery (6 trab, 4 tubes). Complications included: 1 malignant glaucoma, 3 esposures, 1 migration.


The XEN procedure significantly reduces both IOP and number of meds when done as a solo or as a combo procedure over 12 month in a real world situation. 76, 66 and 27% of patients achieved a final IOP ≤ 18, 16 and 14 mm Hg. 47% of patients required at least one needling procedure.

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