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Novel technique to identify Schlemm's canal by staining with trypan blue for ab interno procedures

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First Author: J.Batlle Pichardo DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

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To use a staining technique with non-toxic, water soluble stains delivered into the anterior chamber and forced through Schlemm´s canal to better identify this structure during surgical interventions directed at the trabecular meshwork and Schlemm´s canal.


Cases were performed at Centro Laser, Dominican Republic.


Using cadaveric eyeballs, Trypan blue (0.1 ml), Brilliant Blue (0.1 ml), and Indocyanine Green (0.1ml) dyes were injected with a 27 ga. cannula through a corneal incision which elevated the IOP and contributed to the staining distribution. After a period of 30 seconds the anterior chamber was irrigated with sterile irrigating solution leaving the canal perfectly dyed. The experimental eyeballs were studied with macrophotographs and with histopathologic techniques that allowed identification of anatomic collection of the dyes in the angle.


Trypan Blue and Brilliant Blue stains allow excellent identification of Schlemm´s canal during microsurgical procedures that require visualization of this structure such as placement of a trabectome, goniotomy knife, fiberoptic light, or MIGS devices. Performing the staining process reduces the time for insertion and also the number of attemps to enter Schlemm’s canal.


A novel approach to surgery of the trabecular meshwork and Schlemm´s canal using Trypan Blue and Brilliant Blue stains facilitates identification of the angle structures, provides a more precise placement of microsurgical devices and reduces surgical time for these procedures.

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