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New suturing technique in trabeculectomy

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First Author: M.Afroozifar IRAN

Co Author(s):    M. Pakravan   S. Yazdani                 

Abstract Details


Comparison of the results of trabeculectomy in two groups of patients who were operated by new suturing technique of Dr. Afroozifar(A.F.Suture) and the conventional trabeculectomy


Khodadoust EYE Hospital,SHIRAZ,IRAN


18 patients with closed angle glaucoma(CACG) who underwent conventional phaco-trabeculectomy(group A) were compared with 12 patients with (CACG) who had phaco-trabeculectomy using the new suturing technique of Dr.Afroozifar(A.F.Suture)(group B) for 4.5 years .Groups compared based on the amount of post-operative mean intra ocular pressure(IOP), need for releasable suture removal (RSR), the need for re-opening the trabeclectomy path(needling), and the need for a second surgical procedure for choroidal tap.Pre-operation mean (IOP) in group A was 28.3 mmHg with a mean of 3.3 drops and the mean pre-operation(IOP) in group B was 30.2 mmHg with an average of 3.8 drops


After 4.5 years, the mean IOP in group A was 14.4 mmHg with a mean of 1.5 drops and the mean IOP in group B was 12.7 mmHg with an average of 1.2 drops. In 66.6%(12 patients) of group A,RSR required, but only in 41.6%(5 patientas) of group B RSR was needed. In 22.22%(4 patients) of group A, needling was needed to open the trabeculectomy duct, but only in 8.3%(1 patient) of group B needlin was needed. The need for AF suture removal was 25%(3patients) in group B and choroidal tap in both groups was only One patient.


The new suturing technique of Dr.Afroozifar(A.F.Suture)creates a better trabeclectomy outlet and has better result in filtering glaucoma surgery.

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