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Management of high residual astigmatism post corneal graft

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First Author: M.Belmekki MOROCCO

Co Author(s):    M. El Bakkali   A. Sami   Y. Oumzil              

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We report two cases of high residuel post corneal graft astigmatism is to highlight the safety and efficacy of the femtoseconde laser incisions in the management of this astigmatism.


Vision Clinic Rabat


We report 2cases with post keratoplasty high and stable irregular astigmatism 1year after releasing sutures. The confirmation of the stability and the irregularity of this astigmatism was founded on 2corneal topography 6months and 12months after removing sutures In the first cases it was a young 34years lady with 7D astigmatism and cataract, in the second case it was a post-keratoplasty high astigmatim around 17diopters in a 39years old patient. We manage the two cases with femto seconde laser incision according to the topographic data, during the procedure the depth of incision was controlled by corneal sweept source OCT


The corneal topography control show a significatif reduction of the astigmatism from 7 dioptres to 1,5dioptres in the first case and in the second case from 17diopters to 6 diopters.


The femtosecond laser incisions could be a good solution for residuel post corneal graft astigmatism, the safety and the efficacy of this procedure is highlighted by us if the femtosecond laser and the peroperatory corneal OCT are used.

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