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Corneal biomechanics in young myopic Indian subjects

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First Author: V.Kenia INDIA

Co Author(s):    R. Kenia   O. Pirdankar                 

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To report corneal biomechanical properties in young myopic Indian subjects and to assess the association between myopia and biomechanical properties.


Kenia Eye Hospital, Mumbai, India.


It was a retrospective case series where young myopic subjects with age group between 20-35 years with IOP less than 21 mmHg and spherical equivalent myopia (SEM) > -0.75Dsph were enrolled. Subjects with any systemic disease, ocular disease, surgery and corneal thickness (CT) less than 500microns were excluded. Also, corneal biomechanical properties were recorded using Corvis ST. Variables such as deformation and deflection amplitudes (A1, A2, HC), stiffness parameter (SP1), integrated radius, corvis biomechanical index (CBI) were noted. Association between SEM and corneal biomechanical properties were analysed using Pearson correlation.


Five hundred and eighty four eyes of 311 patients with mean±SD age of 25.4±4.1 years were enrolled. The mean±SD SEM, CT and IOP were -4.82±2.8 diopter, 541.7±26.1 microns and 16.92±2.80mmHg respectively. The deformation amplitudes (A1,A2,HC) were 0.12±0.01, 0.34±0.05, and 1.04±0.09 mm respectively. The deflection amplitudes (A1,A2,HC) were 0.09±0.01, 0.10±0.01 and 0.89±0.09 mm respectively. The mean±SD SP1, integrated radius, CBI were 106.76±14.31, 8.81±1.05 mm^-1 and 0.08±0.16 respectively. We did not find any association between SEM and any of the biomechanical properties (p>0.05).


We have reported corneal biomechanical properties in young myopic subjects. These values could serve a reference for future comparisons of corneal biomechanical properties. Also no association was noted between SEM and corneal biomechanical properties

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