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Corneal thickness measurements: Pentacam HR vs Nidek CEM-530 specular microscopy

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First Author: R.Imparato ITALY

Co Author(s):    G. Salerno   F. Cione   A. Pepe   M. Gioia   M. De Bernardo        

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To determine whether corneal thickness (CT) measurements obtained with Nidek CEM-530 specular microscope and Pentacam HR Scheimpflug camera are comparable.


University Eye Clinic, Department of Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry, University of Salerno.


CT was measured at the corneal apex (CA), at the pupil center (PC), at the thinnest point (TP) with the Pentacam HR, at the center of the cornea with the Nidek CEM-530 in 108 healthy subjects in a randomized order at the same day time.


Nidek measured 556.03±32.72 µm; Pentacam at the CA measured 546.34±33.07 µm, at the PC:544.53±32.83µm, at the TP 538.06±33.47 µm, showing a good correlation but a statistically significant difference at the CA (mean:9.68±8.97µm, R2=0.9278 p<0.001), at the PC (mean:11.50±9.52µm, R2=0.9182 p<0.001), and at the TP (mean:18±10.98µm, R2=0.8942 p<0.001). For a better agreement between the two devices the following regression formulas were found: y=0.9735x+5.025 for the CA; y=0.9615x+9.9134 for the PC, y=0.9672x+0.2884 for the TP; where x is the Nidek CT measurement and y is the Pentacam measurement.


Our results suggest that Nidek CEM-530 measures thicker corneas compared to the Pentacam HR and that the identified correcting factor should be applied to make reliable comparisons between these two devices.

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