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Dependence of rise of IOP indices after intravitreal injections from corneal biomechanical properties

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First Author: I.Bubnova RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    M. Budzinskaya   A. Kurguzova                 

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Determination of influence of corneal biomechanical properties on the IOP indicies after intravitreal injections (IVI).


Prospective cohort study was conducted in Research Institute of Eye Diseases.


Study was conducted on 45 random sample patients (45 eyes) with choroid neovascular membrane. All the patients received intravitreal injection of ranibizumab (Novartis Farma AG, Switzerland) 0.05 ml (0.05 mg) according to medical indications. Evaluation of corneal biomechanical properties was performed by dynamic bidirectional applanation of the cornea on Ocular Response Analyzer (ORA) (Reichert, USA) before and 20 minutes later after intravitreal injection. IOP was measured by ICarePro (ICare, Finland) before, 1 and 20 minutes later after IVI. Ultrasound pachymetry was done once before the IVI. Eye axial length of all the patients was within 21,82 ÷ 22,85 mm interval.


IOP rise was determined 1 minute after IVI on average to 38 mm Hg (30÷45 mm Hg, p<0,05), with the further tendency of IOP self-normalization. Negative correlation between indices of IOP and baseline data of corneal resistance factor (r = -0,650, p=0,001) and corneal hysteresis (r = -0,672, p=0,001) was revealed. After 20 minutes IOP indices remained slightly higher than the beginning level – 18 mm Hg (15÷21 mm Hg, p<0,05). There were no correlation between IOP indices and data of corneal resistance factor (r = -0,127, p=0,001) and corneal hysteresis (r = -0,133, p=0,001) measured 20 minute after IVI.


High values of corneal resistance factor and corneal hysteresis are associated with lower values of IOP indices. Further investigations are needed with bigger cohort data. Moreover in future studies dynamic bidirectional applanation should be performed immediately after IVI.

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