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Novel technique of DMEK graft re-bubbling at the slit lamp with partial aqueous drainage and a 30-gauge cannula

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First Author: A.Vasquez-Perez UK

Co Author(s):    B. Allan                    

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We present a technique of DMEK graft re-bubbling at the slit lamp with creation of a paracentesis, partial drainage of the aqueous and the use of a 30-gauge cannula.


Moorfields Eye Hospital London UK


Of twenty eight consecutive DMEK cases four required re-bubbling for partial graft detachment. A 20-gauge side port blade was made to made a incision in the infero temporal quadrant and at the same time the AC was decompressed by partial aqueous drainage with gently pressure of the posterior lip of the incision just before withdrawal of the blade. Following this a 30 gauge cannula was introduced to the anterior chamber underneath the graft and air was injected.


The eye remained pressurised for five minutes after which air were released through the paracentesis using the cannula leaving only 80% air in the AC. Graft re-attachment was achieved in all cases. One case required two re-bubbling procedures that was made using the same paracentesis. None of the cases presented complications. There were no need to use the operating room and neither extra surgical time for DMEK graft partial detachment.


This technique resulted effective for DMEK graft reattachment in the postoperative period. Because it can be be performed with the patient seated at the slit lamp this approach avoids additional costs and surgical times.

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