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Modified method of assessment of quality criteria of donor's cornea

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First Author: I.Shargorodska UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    S. Rykov   M. Lysenko                 

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To determination of criteria for the quality of donor material for allokeratoplasty with keratoconus.


Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kyiv, Ukraine.


Seven hundred cadaver eyeballs, which were received for keratoplasty was included in this study. On the all eyes were carry out confocal microscopy of the cornea on a coherent retinomotomography and calculation endothelial cell density (HRT-II, Heidelberg Engineering) using corneal attachment RCM-226. The resulting microphotography of the endothelium was enrolled and analyzed using the open ImageJ computer program. All operations were carried out according to the standard method of cross-allokeratoplasty. The state of the donor endothelium on the graft was studied using a coherent retinotomograph HRT-II (Heidelberg Engineering) with a cornea nozzle RCM-226.


For each confocal microphotography of the endothelium, tone histograms of the distribution of pixels have got on a monochrome scale from zero to 255. It is noted that the tones histograms of confocal micrograms have different configurations, but they can be divided into several basic types of curves (depending on the advantage of a pixel tone in the black and white range). The data shown that corneal grafts on which tone histograms had a positive asymmetry, had significantly greater loss of endothelial cells during the year than those of the corneal grafts, whose histograms recorded a unimodal symmetric form.


Analysis of tone histograms of confocal microphotographs of the endothelium of cadaver eyeballs for keratoplasty can be an effective method for determining the suitability of donor material. Because of the use of tone fixation, it is possible to determine the boundary values of the tone of the endothelial cells cornea donor, which is most suitable for different allokeratoplasty. The new criteria for the quality of corneal donor material have been developed. The application of the developed method for assessing the quality of donor material in the surgical treatment of the keratoconus will increase the quality of the end result.

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