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DSAEK in eye with buphtalmos and Haab's striae

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First Author: M.Molero SPAIN

Co Author(s):    L. Salazar Quiaones   S. Aguilar Munoa   R. Cuiaa Sardiaa   J. Martinez de la Casa   C. Valor Suarez   I. Camacho Bosca     

Abstract Details


To describe the technique and the advantages of making a DSAEK in eyes with buphtalmos and Haab´s striae, a case report.


Hospital Clinico San Carlos. Madrid. Spain.


It is presented the clinical case and evolution of endothelial transplantation in a bufthalmic eye with Haab striae in a 32 years old woman with congenital glaucoma.


Good control of pre-surgical IOP, hypotonia during and after surgery as it may compromise the adherence of the graft, slow pressurization of the anterior chamber to facilitate balance with the subconjunctival space, SF6 in the anterior chamber to avoid partial detachments of the graft. The graft button has a larger diameter, greater difficulty for the descemetorrexis and probability of graft failure due to the irregularity of the posterior stroma, the unfolding and positioning of the graft roll (donor) can be complicated by the drainage device tube.


DSAEK is an effective technique for the treatment of bullous keratopathy and corneal opacity in patients with bufthalmic eyes and Haab striae. Partial detachment of the graft can occur due to intra- or post-surgical hypotonia and irregularity of the posterior stroma. Postoperative control of IOP is mandatory

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