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Femtosecond laser-assisted intracorneal hydrogel disc insertion for symptomatic treatment of bullous keratopathy

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First Author: I.Iskakov RUSSIA

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To assess safety and efficiency of new surgical technique for the symptomatic treatment of bullous keratopathy in eyes with low visual prognosis.


Multidisciplinary Science and Technology Complex Eye Microsurgery named after Academician S. N. Fyodorov, Federal State Institution, Novosibirsk Branch, Russia


14 (7 men, 7 women) patients with severe bullous keratopathy in eyes with low visual function prognosis presented for the relief of their ocular symptoms (blepharospasm, tearing, pain). After mechanical removal of epithelium, deep (380 – 480 micron) intracorneal pocket was created by using of VisuMax femtolaser. The hydrogel disc (diameter 7.0 or 8.0 mm, thickness 100 micron) was inserted into the pocket via entry (3-4 mm in width) port, that was sutured by 10/0 nylon. Therapeutic soft contact lens for promoting epithelialization was used during 7 days after surgery. The corneal suture was deleted in one month after surgery.


Restoration of a corneal surface was noted in 7 days after the surgery (full reepithelization, no bullae). Symptomatic complete relief was noted in all patients: blepharospasm, tearing and pain disappeared. All patients remained free of irritation eye symptoms during 9 months follow-up period. No intraoperative or postoperative complications were noted. Anterior to the hydrogel disc implant, the corneal tissue was compact and transparent, without epithelial defects on the surface of cornea. The posterior part of corneal stroma under the implant was edematous. Visual acuity improved in 7 patients (50%), decreased in 2 (14,3%), and remained the same in 5 (35,7%).


Femtosecond laser assisted intracorneal insertion of hydrogel disc is a possible new simple, safe, and cost-effective surgical technique for the symptomatic treatment of bullous keratopathy in eyes with low visual prognosis.

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