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Intense ultra-regulated pulsed light in the treatment of dry eye and meibomian gland dysfunction

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First Author: C.Verges SPAIN

Co Author(s):    J. Salgado Borges                    

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The main objective of his study is to validate the safety and efficacy of intense ultra-regulated pulsed light (IURPL) in Dry eyes and Meibomian gland disfunction


Area Oftalmologica Avanzada, Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña. Barcelona, Spain.


This is a prospective and open label study.184 eyes, 92 patients with Dry eye disease and Meibomian gland disfunction were recruited and received 4 consecutive IURPL treatments (Thermaeye™) on day 1,7,21, and day 45, with a follow up of 12-14 months. Symptoms were evaluated with OSDI score. Best corrected visual acuity, IOP, tear meniscus height (TMH), NIBUT, corneal staining, lidmargin and meibomian gland assessments and meibography were also recorded (Keratograph, Oculus). Tear osmolarity was evaluated with Tearlab system. Statistical Analysis: For numeric variables the paired t-test was used for per-patient before and after comparisons, and mean percent changes were calculated.


The OSDI showed an improvement above 10 points in 72% of the cases. Significant improvement were observed in NIBUT at all the visits after the initial IURPL treatment (P < 0.03). Eyelid margin, meibomian gland secretion quality, and expressibility and meibography were significantly improved at the end of the study. Tear osmolarity showed a significant improvement, from 316 ± 4.5 msOm/L to 297 ± 4.8 mOsm/L after 12 months (P <0.01). TMH also improved, from 0.16 mm to 0.26 mm after 12 monhs (P <0.006). No regional and systemic significant complications was observed in any patient during the follow-up.


Intense ultra-regulated pulsed light (IURPL) therapy with Thermaeye appear in our study as a safe and effective treatment in relieving symptoms and signs of patients suffering dry eye and meibomian gland disfunction. Further studies are needed to confirm these results.

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