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Hyaluronic acid as an alternative to human serum: initial results with high molecular weight HA

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First Author: G.van Setten SWEDEN

Co Author(s):    R. Beck   A. Koschmieder   S. Peschel   O. Stachs   W. Mueller-Lierheim        

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Autologous serum eye drops are produced for the most severe stages of dry eye disease in patients where other eye drops failed or had to be discontinued. The beneficial attributes of the substances included in serum drops have made them a valuable alternative for these patients. However, according to the state-of-the-art, once such therapy has been introduced, it is virtually impossible to return to other lubricating eye drops


In ongoing study, hyaluronic acid high molecular weight non-preserved eye drops had been offered to patients which had been on autologous serum treatment for at least three months as a temporary replacement for evaluation.


11 patients were randomized into two groups. The control group (n = 5) continued their treatment with autologous serum eye drops. The verum group (n = 6) used very high molecular weight hyaluronic eye drops instead of the serum eye drops for a period of eight weeks


Out of the 6 patients in the verum group 2 returned to the serum eye drops within the eight weeks trial period, 2 patients returned to serum eye drops after the eight weeks trial period, and 2 patients preferred to stay with the very high molecular weight hyaluronic acid eye drops.


High molecular weight hyaluronic acid eye drops have unique features that resemble the natural hyaluronic acid at the ocular surface so much that apparently in some patients these drops are perceived to be better than the patient’s own serum. This is the first evidence, that optimization of molecular structure of the hyaluronic acid molecule could lead to substances that have characteristics resembling natural occurring hyaluronic acid to a yet unmet extent. The effects on severe dry disease symptoms are perceived from some patients as more beneficial than that possible to obtain by their own serum drops.

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