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Comparative analysis in keratoconus suspect patients using Pentacam, Corvis, and CASIA

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First Author: K.Jadidi IRAN

Co Author(s):    A. Honaramouz   A. Riazi                 

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Refractive surgery is a common method to correct refractive errors. Volunteers for this surgery are on the rise. Kratoconus (KCN) is a noninflammatory progressive condition which leads to attenuation of the cornea as well as protrusion and ectasia. Therefore the early detection of KCN is a highly challenging topic among ophthalmologist who is performing refractive surgery. Post operation ectasia can be prevented if KCN is detected earlier. In this study biomechanics information from a different instrument such as Corvis ،Pentacam and CASIA was evaluated for consistency and agreement in early detection of KCN as well as KCN suspects?


Department of Ophthalmology, Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Two hundred eyes from 109 participants (aged 30.3±5.7years) (30.5% Male and 69.5% Female) met inclusion criteria during 20016-20018. These subjects had at least one factor from Pentacam which is indicated KCN suspect. Full eye examination was performed. Information from Pentacam topographer, anterior segment OCT (CASIA), and Corvis device was included.


The mean of CBI and TBI were 0.1±0.2 and 0.44±0.39 respectively. According to findings from this study, the most sensitive factors between two devices (Pentacam and Corvis) were TBI and SI value in KCN suspect patients. The CBI and BAD were highly specific factors between two devices mentioned above. In addition, Minimum thickness and CBI had a specificity of 97.7% in detection of the healthy cornea. Furthermore, TBI is more sensitive factor in compared with CBI in KCN suspect. Finally, the mean values for Ectasia screen was above zero, although TBI and CBI were in normal ranges.


There is not much agreement between devices for KCN suspect detection. However, there was a significant agreement only between BAD and TBI. Therefore they can be used interchangeably.

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