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The role of topical coenzyme Q10 eye drops in the management of refractory ocular surface diseases

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First Author: K.Gumus TURKEY

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To present challenging ocular surface diseases with different etiologies resistant to conventional medical treatment and to discuss the role of topical coenzyme Q10 eye drops in the management.


Erciyes University School of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology, Kayseri, Turkey


10 ocular surface diseases with different etiologies including geographic ulcer, herpetic keratitis, corneal ulcer in Sjögren Syndrome, severe corneal ulcer after a cataract surgery, chemical injury, post-PRK corneal haze, post-LASIK corneal melting, spontaneous corneal penetration, corneal ulcer after penetrating keratoplasty and corneal melting after a pterygium surgery were included in this study. All cases were resistant to conventional medical treatment. In all cases, topical coenzyme Q10 eye drops were added to the existing therapies as an adjuvant agent. All cases were monitored very closely. Throughout visits, ocular symptoms and adverse events were assessed and ocular surface pictures were taken.


In all cases, corneal wound healing was achieved within a short period of time after topical coenzyme Q10 eye drops was started. In addition to ocular findings, symptoms were also significantly improved with topical coenzyme Q10 eye drops. No adverse events were reported in any case.


In addition to the CoQ10 mitochondrial bioenergetic effect, it also regulates mitochondrial apoptosis through modulation of the permeability transition pore and serves as a free radical scavenger to protect against oxidative damages to the mitochondrial and lipid membranes. Because of its important properties, coenzyme Q10 eye drops can be considered as an important adjuvant therapeutic agent promoting corneal wound healing in challenging cases.

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