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The effect of dexpanthenol 5% on corneal staining in dry eye disease

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First Author: A.Celebi TURKEY

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To evaluate the effect of additional Dexpanthenol 5% treatment on corneal staining in dry eye disease patients.


Prospective case-control clinical study was held in Acibadem University School of Medicine Atakent Education and Research Hospital Department of Ophthalmology


Newly diagnosed dry eye disease patients were treated with sodium hyaluronate 0.2% on one side (control eye) and with sodium hyaluronate 0.2% plus dexpanthenol %5 on the other side (study eye). Patients were assesed for corneal staining with using fluorescein strips and it was graded using National Eye Institute (NEI) staining grid in which a score of 0-3 (0=normal to 3= severe) was assigned to each of five corneal regions. The total score was calculated.for each eye. Treated patients were followed up for one week and the same calculation was done at the end of 1st week.


There were 20 patients diagnosed as dry eye disease with a mean age of 42 years. The mean corneal staining scores were 12 on both ‘treated eye’ and ‘control eye’ sides. At the end of the first week; the score at ‘control eye’ side was decreased to 10 however this score was showed a statistically significant decrease to a value of 6 on ‘treated eye’ side.


This clinical study showed improvement on corneal staining with the use of additional dexpanthenol 5% treatment in dry eye disease patients in short term treatment period.

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