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Chloroquine eye drops for ocular surface disorders

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First Author: J.Ashar INDIA

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To evaluate the efficacy of chloroquine eye drops in ocular surface disorders


Mumbai Eye Care


45 patients with Ocular surface disorders (20 primary dry eyes, 11 post LASIK dry eyes, 8 ocular surface inflammation, 6 case of ocular allergy) were treated with chloroquine eye drops 0.03% (UV Lube unims) twice daily for a period of 3 months. During the course of treatment, patients were evaluated for the subjective improvement of their symptoms and objective parameters such as ocular surface staining, tear film evaluation and tear meniscus height were measured. Additionally, patients were monitored for any side effects of chloroquine drops on the anterior or posterior segment.


45 patients were treated with chloroquine eye drops for 3 months. There was significant improvement of symptoms in all patients with dry eye disorder. However, 4 of 6 cases of allergic eye disease showed improvement of symptoms while 5 of 8 cases of ocular surface inflammation were symptomatically better. Objective criteria such as ocular surface staining improved in all the cases. There was also improvement in tear film in dry eye cases. The cases of allergic eye disease or ocular surface inflammation showed moderate in crease in their parameters. However, there was a need to continue steroids or other anti-inflammatory.


Chloroquine is an efficient anti-inflammatory and helps in controlling inflammation

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