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Mature cataracts

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First Author: A.Kothari INDIA

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There are several well-known challenges that a white cataract presents pre-operatively and intraoperatively viz., the unknown density of the nucleus, the lack of a good red reflex for visualization of the capsule and the unknown amount of tension of the capsule. This video features how phacoemulsification can be an effective and ultimate surgical option in dealing with different types of mature cataracts.


National Institute of Ophthalmology


The video highlights the importance of pre-operative evaluation and planning according to anticipated situation for a good outcome. It features various possible situations while performing capsulorrhexis manually with cystitome or forceps or with precision pulse capsultomy or with femtosecond laser, use of vital dyes and role of endoilluminator and endodiathermy. Also best suited techniques for nucleus removal along with possible difficulties due to posterior capsular rent, laxity of zonules or incomplete separation of nuclear plate and their management have been elucidated. It also showcases technique to conquer difficult situations like small pupil or corneal opacity in mature cataracts. 


Good visual outcome even in early post-operative period in case of white cataracts can be obtained by phacoemulsification despite high risk of complications owing to fragile capsule and zonules, shallow anterior chamber, small pupil, difficulty in capsulorrhexis, division of nucleus and it’s separation from epinucleus.


White cataracts can be safely operated using phacoemulsification with step-by-step approach and meticulous surgical planning to achieve good visual outcome

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