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Implantation of Oculentis Mplus X lens in small pupil cataract

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First Author: P.Chong MALAYSIA

Co Author(s):    Y. Ooi   C. Gan   L. Wong   C. Koay   V. Loo        

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To report near, intermediate and distance vision stability of implanting Oculentis Mplus X intraocular lens (Mplus X IOL) in 2 small pupil cataracts using iris hooks.


Pusat Pakar Mata Topvision Eye Specialist Centre


Interventional 2 case series report. The Oculentis Mplus X lens is based on bifocal design on the LENTIS IOL platform with near addition +3.0 dioptre, providing patients with extended depth of field. Therefore, any small pupil that does not centre well with Mplus X lens will cause it to behave like a monofocal lens, either with good distance or near vision depending on the location of the pupil.


We report 2 cases of small pupil (2.0mm and 2.5mm) cataract which underwent left phacoemulsification with Mplus X IOL implantation with iris hook. 4 iris hooks were inserted at 11, 2, 4 and 8 o’clock position and both surgeries were completed uneventfully. Day 1, 30 and 180 distance uncorrected vision for both patients remained stable at 6/9, with near uncorrected vision at J1, intermediate uncorrected vision at J7. The pupil size remains adequately enlarged at 4.5mm to 5mm in diameter for both patients up to 6 months follow up.


Intraoperative stretching of small pupil by using iris hooks is an effective method to maintain postoperative long term pupil dilatation. This is especially important if one is considering implantation of Mplus X IOL which requires adequate pupil size to achieve the full potential of the lens.

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