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Routine adoption of thermal pulsation treatment for MGD to improve advanced technology lens implantation, quality of vision, and clinical results in cataract patients

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First Author: B.Kusa ITALY

Co Author(s):    M. Piovella                    

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To evaluate the routinely adoption of a system for the thermal pulsation treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction(MGD) in evaporative dry eye patients to Improve Advanced Technology Lens Implantation Quality of Vision and Clinical Results in cataract patients


C.M.A. Centro Microchirurgia Ambulatoriale Monza – Italy


24 patients (mean age 64.11 ± 12.28 years) before submitting cataract surgery with advanced technology IOLs implantation ,were diagnosed with partial Meibomian glands occlusion as determined by the LipiView (TearScience, Morrisville, NC) adopting lids transillumination. To improve eyes lubrification patients received a LipiFlow treatment (TearScience, Morrisville, NC) designed to remove obstructions and restore meibomian gland function. Patients were reassessed - at 1-3-6 months - 1year and 2-3 years post treatment.


In all patients, the symptoms had decreased at 1 months post-treatment. Patients reported no discomfort or pain during or after treatment. Corneal aberration decreased due a better quality of the corneal tears film


This system provides with the new transilluminator option an effective and efficient means of treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction and evaporative dry eye. This treatment should be considered as routinely adoption prior to laser assisted refractive surgery or advanced technology lens implantation in order to optimize the tear film and thus optimize surgical outcomes. This new preop organization improved the % of presbyopic implants up to 70% in our cataract patients.

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