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Which capsulorhexis pattern offered by the navigation system provides the best concentricity with the intraocular lens?

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First Author: E.Palkovičová CZECH REPUBLIC

Co Author(s):    J. Cendelin   O. Hatle                 

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To facilitate the realization of the capsulorhexis, navigation systems offer a projection of patterns centered relative to the pupil, to the limbus, to the visual axis or an individual displacement. All these possible patterns are offered by The Verion Image Guided System (Alcon), which was used in this study. The aim of the study was to find a pattern, which is the most concentric with the optical part of the intraocular lens, it means which provides the best symmetrical cover of the intraocular lens by the edge of the capsulorhexis.


Center of eye microsurgery Ofta, Plzeň


Eighteen eyes of 18 patients with implanted intraocular lens AAB00 (AMO) were included in the study. During the cataract surgery, the Verion Image Guided System was used. The intraocular lens was left to center spontaneously. The pictures of three projected patterns (relative to the pupil, to the limbus or to the visual axis) were taken at the end of the surgery. To evaluate the position of each proposed pattern with respect to the position of the intraocular lens, a separate program has been created. The centration of the proposed pattern was always evaluated relative to the intraocular lens.


The mean decentration of the “pupil pattern” relative to the settled intraocular lens was 0,67 mm ± 0,39 (SD) and in 22% of the cases, the decentration was greater than 1 mm. The mean decentration of the “limbal pattern” was 0,85 mm ± 0,44 (SD) and was greater than 1 mm in 39% of the cases. The mean decentration of the “visual axis pattern” was 0,72 mm ± 0,45 (SD) and was greater than 1 mm in 33% of the cases.


Navigation systems provide a flexible guide for anterior capsulorhexis. The best centration relative to spontaneously settled intraocular lens was provided by the pupil pattern in our study. However, in 19% of cases, the difference in the centration of the pupil pattern and of the intraocular lens was greater than 1 mm.

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