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Visual outcome, spectacle independence, and patient satisfaction after femto laser-assisted phacoemulsification with trifocal IOL implantation

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First Author: W.Ghobashy UAE

Co Author(s):                        

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To document far and near visual acuity, spectacle independence and patient satisfaction after Femto Laser Assisted Cataract surgery with implantation of nonapodized diffractive trifocal IOL.


Magrabi Eye & Ear Center, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Forty eyes of twenty patients underwent sutureless Femto laser assisted cataract surgery using LenSx® Laser to create 5.2 mm capsulorhexis , lens chopping and fashioning 2.2 mm superior incision. Then Centurion® Phaco machine was used to complete removal of nuclear and cortical materials , with conclusion of implantation of nonapodized diffractive trifocal IOL PanOptix® in the capsular bag. Patients with corneal pathology, previous corneal refractive procedures or those with RMS value > 1.00 µm (With Galilei corneal topographer) were excluded. Far and near visual acuity, as well as patient satisfaction and degree of spectacle independence were evaluated 3 months postoperatively.


This non randomized prospective study included twenty patients -twelve patients (60%) were females - with age between 42 to 78 years (63.85 ± 10.83 years), with preoperative mean UCVA Snellen 20/80. UCVA for distance improved to 20/20 in 34 eyes (85%), with BCVA of 20/20 was achieved in all eyes. All patient achieved 0.80 M notation for near vision with resulting spectacle independence for intermediate vision, while 36 eyes (90%) reached 0.40 M notation, allowing spectacle independence for near vision. Non-disabling night glare was observed in 4 patients, and all patient were satisfied with their vision. No complications were documented.


Non-apodized diffractive trifocal IOLs implanted after Femto-Laser Assisted phacoemulsification in patients without high order aberrations provides excellent refractive outcome with almost spectacle free patients and high level of patient satisfaction. Root mean square (RMS) value measured via corneal topography can be a useful numeric tool for patient selection.

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