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Evaluating the safety of intraocular lens or intraocular telescope implant and scleral fixation using a lens exchange system (LES)

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First Author: M.Gharra ISRAEL

Co Author(s):    E. Assia   Y. Ton                 

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Implanting a PC-IOL (Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens) inside the capsular bag during cataract surgery is considered the preferred method of implantation, though when the majority of the posterior capsule zonules are missing or ruptured there is no enough support for the artificial lens and an alternative method of implantation is required. One such method is the scleral fixation. We tested the safety of scleral lens fixation using the Vision CareTM ( Israel, PT) Lens Exchange System (LES), and compared it with the scleral fixation methods described in the literature.


The Laboratory of Experimental Microsurgery – Department of Ophthalmology at Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba – Affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University.


The LES have been used for 3-Piece PC-IOL implantation through scleral fixation in 5 eyes (4 animals and 1 human donor). The variables measured include: surgery time, fixation safety, intraocular operations, complications and lens centeration after fixation in formalin.


We successfully implanted and fixated 3-Piece PC-IOLs to the sclera in all the eye models of the study. Surgery time on an aphakic eye was 18 minutes on average in the hands of differently skilled surgeons, while the number of intraocular manipulations and intraoperative complications were significantly reduced compared to other methods described in the literature. 3-Piece PC-IOLs Implantation using the system was safe. No risk of lens drop into the vitreous due to constantly secured one haptic during the procedure. The lenses were found to be centered and stable in all eye models.


Implanting 3-Piece PC-IOLs through scleral fixation using the LES is safer and has more unique advantages compared to other methods of scleral fixation.

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