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Corneal incision architecture and corneal trauma after IOL implantation with a new automated preloaded delivery system

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First Author: E.D'Ugo ITALY

Co Author(s):    L. Toto   L. Vecchiarino   M. Lanzini   M. Nubile   V. Fasanella   L. Mastropasqua     

Abstract Details


To evaluate the corneal tissue trauma and corneal incision architecture after the use of AutonoMe, a new automated preloaded delivery system, compared to Monarch III manual injector.


Ophthalmology Clinic, Department of Medicine and Science of Ageing, University "G. d'Annunzio" Chieti-Pescara, Italy.


This study comprised 20 eyes of 20 patients with senile cataract, candidates for phacoemulsification and intraocular lens (IOL) implantation, divided into 2 groups: IOL implantation was performed with AutonoMe delivery system (Group 1: 10 eyes) and with Monarch III injector (Group 2: 10 eyes). In vivo confocal microscopy (IVCM) and AS-OCT were performed before surgery and at 1 hour, 1 day and 1 month post-operatively. The main outcome measures were: central endothelial cell count (ECC) and tunnel morphology by means of IVCM; corneal thickness at the center (CCT) and at incision site (ICT), tunnel architecture by mean of AS-OCT.


One hour and one day postoperatively, a greater increase of corneal thickness at the incision site was observed in group 2 versus group 1 using AS-OCT(p<0.001 and p<0.05, respectively).IVCM showed more tunnel edema in group 2 versus group 1 that resolved in both groups at 1 month. Both AS-OCT and IVCM showed better tunnel morphometric and architecture features in group 1. ECC count was significantly different between the two groups 30 days postoperatively, with higher ECC loss in group 2 (p<0.05). No significant differences were observed between the groups concerning CCT and ICT at 1 month (p=ns).


The new AutonoMe preloaded delivery system provided a good corneal incision architecture and less amount of corneal tissue trauma compared to Monarch III injector. The incisions were more regular and less damaged with the preloaded system than with the other device.

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