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Assessment of the influence of cataract surgery on obstructive meibomian gland dysfunction

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First Author: Y.Sun CHINA

Co Author(s):    G. Deng   Z. Sun   P. Song              

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 To evaluate the Influence of Cataract Surgery on obstructive meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) with different preoperative statuses.


The Third People’s Hospital of Changzhou, Changzhou, China.


A total of 50 eyes with none-mild obstructive MGD and 90 eyes with moderate obstructive MGD were enrolled. All participants had successful cataract surgery and were examined preoperatively and postoperatively for ocular symptom score (OSS), non-invasive tear film break up time (NIBUT), corneal fluorescein staining (FL), Schirmer I test, lid margin, meibum quality and expressibility and meibomian gland dropout.


Ocular surface disorders and MGD showed an aggravated status at 1-month postoperatively in MGD patients with different preoperative statuses, as represented by a low NIBUT and high ocular symptom, lid margin, and meibum-quality and expressibility scores. Compared with none-mild MGD, the changes in OSS, NIBUT, FL and meibum-quality were significantly greater in moderate MGD at 1-month postoperatively. At 3-months postoperatively, the aggravated MGs parameters returned to the preoperative level in both none-mild MGD and moderate MGD. The patients with moderate MGD who received the well-designed anti-inflammatory management preoperatively showed lower aggravated level of ocular surface and MGD at 1-month postoperatively.


Obstructive MGD may be aggravated after cataract surgery in short-term, and the aggravated status recovered at 3 months postoperatively. Anti-inflammatory management weakens the aggravation of obstructive MGD in short-term postoperatively.

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